about us

The MAPLE Lab is the world’s first music cognition lab with a percussion focus. Drawing upon the diverse skills of our team, we...

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news & events

We are frequently involved in conferences and the media. Find out about upcoming and past presentations, recent papers published, and various on-goings with the...

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By exploring questions at the intersection of music and cognitive science, we are able to make new discoveries of broad relevance. Much of...

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Learn more about our research by viewing video demonstrations, reading about our conference presentations, and downloading our peer-reviewed publications. Instructors – find demonstrations...

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MAPLE Lab research has attracted over $1,000,000 in research funding from a combination three major tri-council grants, international funding for clinical applications of...

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Interested in acquiring valuable research skills while learning about Music, Acoustics, Perception and LEarning? Want to contribute to our knowledge of how music...

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michael schutz

Dr. Schutz is the founding director of the MAPLE Lab – one of a handful of externally funded music cognition labs housed within...

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The Music, Acoustics, Perception and LEarning Lab

Housed within the School of the Arts

Affiliated with the McMaster Institute for Music and the Mind (MIMM)

  • Welcome to the Music, Acoustics, Perception and LEarning Lab. We are a Music Cognition lab housed within the School of the Arts at McMaster University, and affiliated with the McMaster Institute for Music and the Mind. Our lab is dedicated to examining the psychological basis of the musical experience, with research projects exploring the role of visual information in music, musical timbre, the communication of affect in language and music, and general questions surrounding music perception and cognition.

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