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Lorraine Chuen (’15 MSc) completed her M.Sc. thesis through the Department of Psychology, Neuroscience and Behaviour, investigating the role of amplitude envelope in facilitating the unity assumption in audio-visual integration.  

Prior to enrolling at at McMaster, Lorraine completed her B.A. (Honours) in Psychology at McGill University under the supervision of Dr. Stephen McAdams. She has worked at McGill University’s Schulich School of Music, the McGill School of Communication Sciences and Disorders, and the International Laboratory for Brain, Music and Sound Research (BRAMS) at Universite de Montreal.



SMPC Student Award – 2015
OpenCon Travel Scholarship – 2014
Queen Elizabeth II Graduate Scholarship in Science and Technology (OGS) – 2014-2015



Chuen, L., & Schutz, M. (2016). The unity assumption facilitates cross-modal binding of musical, non-speech stimuli: The role of spectral and amplitude envelope cues. Attention, Perception, & Psychophysics, 78 (5), 1512-1528.

Chuen, L.,  Sears, D., McAdams, S.  Psychophysiological Responses to Auditory Change



August 2015. Society for Music Perception and Cognition Biennial Meeting. Nashville, Tennessee. 

Chuen, L., Gula, E.,  Schutz, M. Exploring the unity assumption in temporal audiovisual binding of musical stimuli. (Talk)

February 2015. Rhythm and Timing Symposium, UWO. London, Ontario. 

Chuen, L., Gula, E., Schutz, M. Exploring the role of amplitude envelope: Cross-modal temporal binding of musical stimuli (Talk)

August 2014. International Conference on Music Perception and Cognition. Seoul, South Korea. 

Martinez, D., Chuen, L., Schutz, M. From score to stage: Exploring the relationship betwen musical structure and emotional response. (Talk) 

May 2014. Acoustical Society of America Spring Meeting, Providence, Rhode Island.

Chuen, L.,  Schutz, M. The effects of amplitude envelope and context on auditory duration perception(Poster)

November 2013. Neuromusic Conference, McMaster Institute for Music and The Mind, Hamilton, ON.

Chuen, L.,  Schutz, M. Amplitude Envelope and Duration Judgment Strategies. (Poster)

November 2013. Auditory Perception, Cognition and Action Meeting, Toronto, ON.

Chuen, L.,  Sears, D. & McAdams, S. Psychophysiological responses to auditory change: An Investigation of Pitch, Timbre, Tempo, Loudness and Duration Changes on Autonomic and Facial Motor Responses. (Poster)

August 2013. Society for Music Perception and Cognition, Toronto, ON.

Chuen, L.,  Sears, D. & McAdams, S. Psychophysiological responses to auditory change. (Poster)