NIH funds autism and audio-visual integration research with Dr. Laura Silverman

Sensory integration dysfunction causes challenges for many individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), a condition affect many individuals around the world.  Dr. Silverman (University of Rochester) explores multi-sensory processing this population, and is interested in partnering with our lab to help better understand sensory processing.  We will apply our research on the “marimba illusion” to better understand deficits in audio-visual integration using biological movement – an important issue in clarifying the origin of processing deficits.  Dr. Silverman is the PI on the National Institutes of Health award, and Dr. Schutz will be consulting on aspects of the project related to our audio-visual integration research. Click here for more information. NIH

Arts Research Board funds proposed project “Are percussive sounds processed in a special manner?”

Participant-in-experiment-1024x602 This seed money provides computers, software, and high-end audiometric headphones to allow pilot studies to begin in our space.  This is a valuable first step towards building the lab, as it provides some basic infrastructure which will be used to acquire larger external awards to support the lab’s anticipated growth.  For more information see our ARB funding page listing each of the lab’s awards from this agency.