Dr. Schutz is awarded tenure and promotion to Associate Professor; granted research leave for 2015-16

Schutz-MIMM-headshot-LQAfter six years of serving as Assistant Professor and establishing the MAPLE Lab, Dr. Schutz has received tenure and promotion to Associate Professor.  Under his supervision, the lab has grown significantly since it’s establishment in 2009 and houses four graduate students as well as several thesis and a dozen undergraduate student researchers annually.  During his research leave he will be a Visiting Professor at Ryerson University in Toronto, where he will be working on collaborations with Dr. Frank Russo.

He looks forward to continuing to mentor the next generation of music perception and cognition scholars as they make new discoveries helping to shed light on core issues of importance to musicians, psychologists, and neuroscientists alike.  He would like to thank the many students, colleagues, and staff members who have been instrumental in growing the MAPLE lab over the past several years!