Dr. Schutz performs on renowned composer Judith Shatin’s latest album Time to Burn

Booklet-Pg1_07_1-8Dr. Schutz was featured on Judith Shatin’s latest album, performing with percussionist I-Jen Fang and oboist Aaron Hill.  He premiered this piece at PASIC in Austin, Texas after co-commissioning it with Fang.  This was Shatin’s third solo album with Innova, and is available through both Amazon and iTunes.  To preview this work, visit www.innova.mu/albums/judith-shatin/time-burn

Shatin noted that when writing she was “fueled by my rage and sadness at the burning that has erupted around us. One is hardpressed to keep track of it all. The past decade has been an era of renewed holocausts driven by ethnic and religious hatred. The rampant intolerance in our world is reminiscent of the ‘burning time’ of the Inquisition or the burning of witches.”  The sheet music is also available for purchase at judithshatin.com/time-to-burn.