canadian foundation for innovation

The Canadian Foundation for Innovation-Leaders Opportunity Fund funded Informing Musical Performance by Exploring the Production and Perception of Music for Percussion project with an award of $424,933.  This grant will  supply the sound booths, computers and testing equipment (button boxes, tapping pads, etc.) renovations costs, and a variety of percussion instruments including a 5.0 octave marimba, vibraphone, electronic marimba (MalletKat), electronic drumset, and piano (see our equipment page for a more extensive list of infrastructure resources).  Additionally, it will provide significant support for the extensive renovations involved in setting up a research facility with the School of the Arts, which entail moving walls, abating asbestos, providing acoustic protection for the lab area, etc. (see the renovation plans).

This grant compliments our other major funding sources, providing a first-class lab facility for students funded by Dr. Schutz’s Early Researcher Award.  CFI makes provisions for basic operating costs to ensure that our core equipment is kept in good working order, while other operating expenses will be funded through our NSERC Discovery grant.  The basic research funded by this award will provide the foundation for future projects with collaborators applying this work to clinical populations such as individuals with autism (funded by the National Institutes of Health) and hearing impaired adults (funded by the American Academy of Audiology).