NSERC discovery grant

The Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) awarded Dr. Schutz a Discovery Grant for $95,000 to fund MAPLE Lab research from 2010-2015.  The proposal, titled The role of amplitude envelope in audio-visual integration sets forth an ambitious program of research exploring the ways in which our perceptual system integrates information across modalities.  This grant will provide operating costs for equipment, travel, support of personnel, and other day-to-day expenses essential to conducting our research.  This was the first major external grant secured for the lab, which opened up other funding possibilities such as the Early Researcher Award, which Dr. Schutz received the following year.

Funds from this award are instrumental in our research projects on amplitude envelope (i.e. the temporal structure of sounds), as well as explorations of this property’s role in audio-visual integration, associative memory, and the design of auditory alarms in medical devices.  Additionally, this grant is assisting with the creation of a database of sounds used in auditory research project surveying the temporal structure of sounds in high profile work on auditory perception.