The MAPLE Lab presents latest findings at SMPC 2017

San Diego, CA

From July 30th to August 3rd, several members of the MAPLE Lab went to San Diego, California to present talks and posters at the 2017 Society for Music Perception and Cognition Meeting.

  • Aimee Battcock presented a talk titled, “The importance of musical structure in listener perception of emotion.”

  • Anna Siminoski presented a talk titled, “Ancillary gestures as tools for inter-performer communication.”

  • Noah Little presented two posters which are titled, “Shared musical experiences and altruistic behaviour: An exploratory study” and, “Exploring the positive benefits of festival attendance for adolescent development.”

  • Dr. Schutz presented a talk titled, “A comprehensive survey of auditory perception stimuli.”

Aimee Battcock

Anna Siminoski

Noah Little

Dr. Schutz