max delle grazie

Max Delle Grazie (Graduate) is a second-year M.Sc student working on the Emotional Piano Project. Max’s current work compares the changing use of specific cues in music composed 300 years ago, to pieces from as recent as the 1980’s. Although, his research is primarily focused on the perception of music from the 20th Century, drawing connections between the expressive cues used in modernist music, speech, and dance. More recently, Max undertook a lead role in a project involving a collaboration with the Faculty of Music at Western University, combining approaches from music theory and music psychology to create a novel methodology for exploring how the role of modality in music has changed over time.


Awards and Recognitions

SSHRC CGS-M (2021-2022)

Meriam School of Music Scholarship (2020)

Norman N. Caskey Memorial Prize (2019-2020)

Waller Family Music Scholarship (2019)


Conference Presentations

Delle Grazie, M., Anderson, C.J. & Schutz, M. (2020, December). Exploring Historical Changes in Musical Cues Through Cluster Analysis. (Poster). Presented at 16th Annual McMaster NeuroMusic Conference. Hamilton, Canada.

Delle Grazie, M. Anderson, C.J., & Schutz M (2020, December). Mapping Acoustic cues to Emotional Responses: Exploring Musical Cues Through Cluster Analysis (Poster). Presented at 19th Annual Auditory Perception and Cognition Action Meeting. Virtual Conference.