Welcome to our new lab members: Noah Little, Erica Huynh, and Arielle Spilak!

Noah LittleNoah Little is beginning his Ph.D. program, with interests in exploring the benefits of attending musical events, and music with movement synchronicity. He recently completed his Master’s in Music, Mind, and Technology at Jyväskylä University, in Finland.   EricaHuynhErica Huynh is a 4th year Honours B.Sc. Psychology, Neuroscience & Behaviour student specializing in Music Cognition. She is working on the performance gestures project for her thesis.   Arielle-SpilakArielle Spilak is in the Music Cognition Specialization, earning a B.Sc. through a Combined Honours in Arts & Science and Psychology. She is working on the Emotion Piano project for her thesis.

We are also excited to welcome a new class of undergraduate research assistants.  For more information on all lab personnel visit our people page.