Talks for Graduate student colloquium series (Faculty of Music) and Brain Mind Institute at Western University

London, Ontario

WesternDr. Schutz gave two talks at Western University – the first was as the inaugural speaker on the 2015-16 Graduate Colloquium series titled Moving to Hear: How Musical Training and Movement Affect Our Perception of Rhythm.  This survey reviewed a series of recent experiments exploring the complex relationship between musical training, types of body movement (finger vs. stick), and rhythm perception.  Click here for an overview of this project.

A second talk for the Brain Mind Institute focused on the surprising role of amplitude envelope in auditory perception.  This covered a series of lab experiments on the important role of this under-studied property including audio-visual integration, duration perception, and multi-modal associations.  Additionally, it contained a summary of the lab’s ongoing “survey of sounds” project exploring the types of sounds used in auditory research.  For more information about amplitude envelope, see here.