jackie zhou

Journal Articles


Jackie Zhou (Graduate) is a first-year M.Sc student currently working in the MAPLE Lab on the Emotional Piano Project. She has passions in both music and mental health. Growing up, she fell in love with music through playing the piano and violin. This past year, she started working with kids on the autism spectrum, providing IBI and integrating music in their day to day lives. It’s been very rewarding for her to get to experience the bridging of both of her interests together. She is super excited to continue using her musical background to contribute and work with the amazing team for another year!  


Conference Presentations

  Zhou, J., Anderson, C., & Schutz, M. (2023, February). Analyzing algorithmic predictors of emotion in music. (Poster). Presented at 50th Annual Lake Ontario Visionary Establishment Conference. Niagara Falls, Canada.

Zhou, J., Anderson, C., & Schutz, M. (2022, November). Exploring algorithmic predictions of emotion in music. (Poster). Presented at 18th Annual McMaster Neuromusic Conference. Hamilton, Canada.

Delle Grazie, M., Zhou, J., & Anderson, C. (2023, March). Modality and Music Perception. (Panel). Presented at 2nd Annual York University Annual Graduate Music Students Association Colloquium. Toronto, Canada.