textbook examples

Our audio-visual integration research is featured prominently in multiple  textbooks used regularly in cognitive psychology, perception, and music cognition courses.  As most discuss Schutz and Lipscomb (2007, Perception) as well as Schutz and Kubovy (2009, Canadian Acoustics), we have included sample stimuli from these studies below.



Download sample stimuli from Schutz and Lipscomb (2007, Perception) OR  Schutz and Kubovy (2009, Canadian Acoustics)

Instructors and researchers are enthusiastically granted permission to use these for supplementary material for educational (i.e. non-commercial) purposes.  The Psychology of Music in Multimedia (Tan et al., 2013) references supplemental videos on this site of potential interest to others, including:

  1. A page with an overview as well as a television segment with Dr. Schutz demonstrating the illusion
  2. An explanation of our virtual marimbist software
  3. A deconstruction the marimbist’s striking motions used by Armontrout, Schutz, and Kubovy (2009, Attention, Perception & Psychophysics)