software development

In addition to using commercially available packages, our team is actively involved in developing customized testing software to explore novel questions and to help maximize our productivity.

Tone generation. We are pleased to announce that our first software tool is now feely available, one that allows for easy generation of tones with precisely specified amplitude envelopes.  Download the program and instructions here.  If you find this helpful, please let us know.

Biological motion. We are also currently working on a long-term project to develop an integrated software testing suite that will continue to support multiple lab projects.  One component of this software  allows for on-the-fly synthesis of biological motion paired with a variety of synthesized sounds, which we use in many of our audio-visual integration experiments.

Sensorimotor integration. Another component records  tapping data from multiple drum pads, time-locking this information with concurrent acoustic signals to enable in-depth explorations of sensorimotor interactions.

Given the complexity of this project, we do not yet have an estimated completion date for the biological motion and sensorimotor integration packages.  However, a number of our colleagues are currently using beta versions of certain key components.  If you are interested in using one or more of these tools, please contact Dr. Schutz directly to inquire.


Click the button on the right to access a detailed user’s guide to our latest online tool, MAESTRO (MAPLE Lab Auditory Exploration Suite for Teaching, Research, and Observation), which aims to provide students and researchers with an opportunity to create and manipulate sounds.