Are you a McMaster student interested in learning valuable research skills and exploring how music, sound, and audition work?  If so, visit our page on research opportunities for undergraduate students.  Also, please check out our current research topics to get an idea of the kinds of projects and opportunities available.  We also have opportunities for participating in experiments, and the university offers a significant number of courses in music cognition.  Prospective graduate students interested in pursuing advanced study in music cognition please visit our page on graduate training.

Raven, Fiona, Emily, Matt and Jonny spelling out their favourite research lab (MAPLE)

Graduate Training

  • Information about applying for graduate programs through the MAPLE Lab.

Undergraduate Training

  • Research projects through the Psychology, Neuroscience and Behaviour or Music Cognition departments are available.
  • If you’re interested in Music Cognition Undergraduate oppourtunities at McMaster university in general, learn more information about the offered program.

Experiment Participation

  • Apply to participate in ongoing studies.

Support our research

  • Information for if you are interested in supporting our research.