undergraduate training

Research opportunities for undergraduate (McMaster) students:

The lab hosts a number of undergraduate research projects each year, generally for credit through enrollment in MUSICCOG 3QQ3.  If you are interested in working in the lab, please fill out this application form and email it to maplelab.assistant@gmail.com. If you have further questions about the application process, please contact us for more information.

Note: PNB students interested in undergraduate theses or enrolling in PNB 3QQ3/4QQ3 must use the PNB Ballot System.  However, it is generally a good idea to discuss potential projects with us prior to submitting your ballot applications.

Recommended Coursework

In the past students who complete the following courses are more prepared for working on various projects in the lab. These courses are recommended (not required) for the completion of a 3QQ3 or thesis project in the MAPLE Lab:

PSYCH 2E03 – Sensory Processes AND PSYCH 2H03 – Human Learning and Cognition; OR PNB 2XA3 – Human Perception and Cognition

MUSICCOG 2MP3 (formerly 2MA3) – Music Cognition

PSYCH 3A03 – Audition

PSYCH 3D03 – The Multisensory Mind

PSYCH 3H03 – The Arts and The Brain

PNB 3EE3 – Perception Lab

HTHSCI 1M03 – Foundation to Data Science

Courses that might be helpful if you plan to pursue graduate work in Psychology/Music Cognition:

COMP SCI 1MD3 – Introduction to Programming