television and radio


Two separate television broadcasts focused on MAPLE Lab research during the week of Jan 3rd-9th, 2010.

Live interview with Annette Hamm on the CHCH morning news Special segment by Mark Vituska featuring a live demonstration



On Oct 19th Kathy Hyde of 94.7 FM covered some of our research on “tapping to hear” showing that moving to the beat actually helps us to hear music better:  

Research Featured on CBC’s “Ontario Today”


  Michael Schutz appeared on Rita Celli’s popular Ontario Today broadcast from 12-1pm (Eastern Standard Time) on April 22nd, 2010.  He discussed Maple Lab research, played some marimba, and answered music cognition related questions from listeners.  Click on the audio player below to listen to an archive of the broadcast.

The Scientific Case for Live Music Writer Edward Willett then based his weekly science column on McMaster’s Jan 4th press release in a segment titled The Scientific Case for Live Music.  To hear this column, click on the audio player below: 

Edward’s column is also available in written form on his website at

This work was also discussed on a number of different forums, including The Womb,,, DIY Audio, and several other sources.